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Founder and Creative Director Robert Dorsey believes strongly in giving back. His community work has ranged from creating the Junior Chef’s Society, (dedicated to helping underserved youth pursue careers in the food industry), to volunteering with 100 Black Men of the Bay as a mentor, to working with various organizations to help create access to fresh fruits and vegetables. His commitment to service is woven into the fabric of our company, and supporting our local community is a core component of what we do. A portion of our proceeds are dedicated to initiatives that help mitigate hunger and food insecurity in our local communities, with a focus on at-risk youth.We believe that a business is more than just a business – it is a community that has the power to impact the world in many different ways. Our company is an active expression of those values, putting them into practice with each and every meal cooked, event created, and client served. People are the anchor for everything that we do. From working with our team, to nurturing connections with farmers, vendors, partners, and clients, relationships are the driving force for our company. We actively work to support other local businesses, creating an ecosystem that benefits everyone in their community. We integrate sustainability into every element of our company, and approach ingredient sourcing with an organic, local, farm-to-table sensibility. Stewardship of the land is an important value for our team, and we weave it into our daily operations, taking actions such as composting, recycling, and leveraging reusable or biodegradable products to keep the carbon footprint of the company as low as possible.


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