About us

A self aware solution

We recognize that there have been countless attempts to promote the economic development of Black enterprise. The disparate solutions have spanned generations and communities.

Our approach builds on years of development experience with local Black chambers. With humility, we are working to create more than just a directory of businesses & people. We have done the research. We know the problem.
And, now, we are building the solution.

The Team

Members of our team are alums of blue-chip firms like Google, Microsoft, Accenture, Visa & NerdWallet. Our combined technical and corporate experience makes us keenly aware and prepared to tackle this problem.

We share a mutual passion for solving problems on a micro and macroeconomic scale, and we believe that byblack is a prime example. With the financial support and industry knowledge of the USBC, we are working to develop the directory & tool our community deserves.

Our goal

A platform to improve the experience of buying Black at scale — whether as a country, company or consumer.

Connection with a click

Across the board, companies, consumers, and governments, have little insight into the identities of their local or national business community. It is extremely costly or economically inefficient to apply for and receive recognition as a minority owned business. For many business owners, the barriers to entry are disengaging and leave the Black community as a whole without a means to know where and how to support Black enterprise.

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