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  • Consultant
  • Construction
John's Construction Co

Wellsworth Construction

@ 24 Clinton Ave, Oakland, CA 94002
(510) 901-8890
HOURS · Open Now
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wed-Sunday
  • Consultant
  • Legal
Rob's Legal Consultancy

Jameson & Lipman LLP

@ 111 Covington St, Oakland, CA 90001
(510) 888-3847
HOURS · Closed
  • Monday-Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Consultant
  • Design
Jasmines's Design Agency

Birds of a Feather

@ 809 1st St, Oakland, CA 93409
(510) 809-9279
HOURS · Open Now
  • Monday&Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday-Sunday

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byblack is a transformative platform powered by data and a national network of local black chambers in your neighborhood. So wherever you do business — we're there as well. We plan to leverage our connections to over 240K businesses to expand your enterprise intelligence. Creation of a profile on our platform will help us to provide important insights about your business.

  • AUG 18 @ 6PM
  • Oakland Museum of California
Beautician Skills Forum

Your local chamber is hosting an event with local salons to discuss changing hair styles & industry tips.

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Whether you're a mom & pop shop or a multimillion dollar manufacturing plant, byblack can help. Through the US Black Chambers, we've helped to drive billions of dollars for Black firms in the last ten years. With byblack we hope to democratize this access through the creation of an accessible and engaging platform that caters to entrepeneurs at every scale.

Gain skills & training at every stage of your growth.

We collaborate with local Black chambers of commerce across the country to host educational forums & events. Take advantage of our community both on & off-line.

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  • NOV 20 @ 3PM
  • City Hall
Supplier Diversity & Contracting

Your local chamber is hosting an event about supplier diversity & goverment contracting opportunities.

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