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Mela Bistro Modern Ethiopian Cuisine is an intimate restaurant in downtown Oakland where you can gather with colleagues, family and friends. Executive Chef Adiam Tsegaye incorporates modern and traditional techniques that highlight the rich essence of Ethiopian cuisine. Her menu creations are plated beautifully, offering patrons high quality meats and fish, fresh vegetables and traditional Ethiopian spices and herbs.The word MELA expresses the ingenuity of nature and our ability to efficiently do things in love and harmony. This is exactly what Chef Adiam brings to the art of Ethiopian cooking. Chef Adiam devotes her time innovating and creatively arranging potent and robust Ethiopian spices like a jazz player composing his next musical masterpiece. Her vision of Mela Ethiopian Bistro is rooted in providing a healthy eating experience for the larger Bay Area community. Simply put, we lovingly create food with herbs collected from the bosom of the Ethiopian highlands. We invite you to visit our wholesome restaurant in the beautiful city of Oakland and experience our delightfully creative food and hospitality.

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Mela Bistro is a company that conducts business online and in person.

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35 Grand Avenue Oakland, CA 94612

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