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Greg Johnson and Vince Staten, in their valuable 1988 guide to the nation’s best barbeque joints and sauces, titled Real Barbecue, declare that Everett and Jones sauce is the best in medium and hot varieties. they write, “The sauce is very sweet, almost fruity and very smoky, with a persistent perspiration factor that builds with each bite.The business continues to grow. The strategy for growth combines professionalizing its business operations while moving into retail food product distribution and expanding the geographical location of its restaurant units. “Today, many of Dorothy’s children are at the helm of the business, and a number of her grandchildren are moving into positions of leadership to see the business into the future. Dorothy Everett’s vision and hard work have given her the means to provide for her family. She says, “I thought that I would never earn more than $3.00 an hour. With nine children, I always believed that God would make a way for us. I had a dream. I wanted to build something that my children could fall back on. He answered my prayers.”

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Everett And Jones Bbq is a company that conducts business online and in person.

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126 Broadway Oakland, CA 94607

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