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Affirmation Effect encourages self-confidence and expression throughaffirmations that represent your style, passions, and way of life!Self-worth and self-esteem are vital components of happiness.Established in 2014 by Allister and Denise Hill. Affirmation Effect is a small, husband and wife-owned business. The Hills started with a mission to increase their son’s self-worth and self-esteem by printing shirts for him with inspirational affirmations to wear to school. Friends, teachers, parents, neighbors, and strangers alike all noticed his shirts and before they knew it, they had a website dedicated to spreading love, positivity, and inspiration for all who need it.Affirmation Effect creates high-quality inspirational apparel, accessories, and candles to help spread positive affirmations of love, beauty, and faith. We all need a little positive inspiration, right?


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