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DAD LIFE FINANCIAL PLANNING is a company that offer a daily recap of the stock markets, Option alert memberships, Investment newsletter memberships, coaching, educational Videos, knowledge articles, Educational YouTube Videos, free guides, financial literacy flash cards for kids (in process), coaching courses (in process). We are an investment and financial consultancy business enlightening people on how to reach true financial independence by making money work for them through proper sound investing and personal finance techniques etc. Our goal is to equipping people with the necessary knowledge, tips, and resources to guide them towards having a life where their money works for them. Our message is not necessarily about money, it’s about the time! As people that is our most valuable asset.We focus on providing affordable financial coaching services to help beginner investors start investing in the stock market. We also offer very affordable paid memberships for options and Trade alerts within the stock market. In addition, we provide helpful content curated to educate and inform our audience via Blog and YouTube. We seek to ultimately provide a very affordable service to aid lower/middle class families.

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DadLife Financial Planning is a company that conducts business online. We recommend you reach them through that way.