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The logo or business face of "Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC"
Coaching & Development

Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC

Certified as Black-Owned

Date of Certification: NaN

Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC is a person-centered, community-focused, and Christian-based company providing mental health, personal development, and inclusion supports to individuals, families, organizations, churches, and communities. Through consulting, counseling, coaching, training, writing and publishing, we help individuals achieve mental and emotional wellness, reach their full potential, and live fulfilling lives. We are committed to promoting social-emotional learning, human potential, diversity, inclusion and belonging. Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC is a member of The National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health (NNED) and The Learning Communty for Person-Centered Thinking.

In person

Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC is a company that conducts business online and in person.

Main address

20 South 36th Street 1st Floor Camp Hill, PA 17011

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Coaching & Development
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